Ransomware Negotiations

Our experts are capable of handling the most delicate cases, allowing us to resolve critical situations quickly and efficiently.

Provide Assessment of the Attacker

We maintain a comprehensive dossier on known criminal actors engaged in ransomware attacks and specifically closely monitoring those who have been previously reported to mislead their victims or to utilize flawed and un-decryptable versions of ransomware.

Develop Action Plan

Based on the aggregated intelligence, our experts will evaluate the potential outcome and recommend anapproach strategy

Contact the Attacker

Using an unattributed and safe environment we will establish contact with an attacker using secure channels of communication and initiate the negotiations.

Confirm Decryption

To guarantee the delivery of a viable solution, our team will arrange with an attacker for decryption of a sample document confirming that the compromised data will be retrieved safely.

Facilitate the Payment

As a final step, we will negotiate the lowest ransom amount, provide cryptocurrency, and facilitate ransom payment, assuring the retrieval of the encrypted data.

Use Cases

Credential Stuffing Attacks